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Tony has a Billy Idol and The Clash sound that makes him a stand-out singer and gives him distinction from the pack. He's an exceptionally skilled songwriter and multi-talented musician who has a dynamic and resolute sound. From the production to the music, Tony showcases his musical craft and artistry.” - Victoria Scott

Indie Spoonful


Tony Oso is a Florida Indie Rock and American Permanent Wave artist.  Tony’s music is motivational, inspired by his debilitating spinal conditions he suffered in 2019.

His positive message to persevere no matter the circumstances is crafted from a huge melting pot of influences ranging decades from the Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys. 

Tony's career highlights include opening for Sister Hazel, opening for The Goo Goo Dolls and competing on America's Got Talent.

Tony's music spans a wide variety of genres including Florida pop rock, American Pop Rock, American indie rock, American Roots Rock, American Blues Rock, American Permanent Wave, Florida indie rock, grunge Florida, post grunge, post-grunge, permanent wave, modern rock, alternative to modern rock, stoner rock, modern blues rock, dance punk, roots rock, punk goes pop, skate punk, dance punk, indie pop, modern power pop, new rave and noise rock!


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