Coronavirus and the Greed of Festival Organizers

Indepedent musicians are taking a big hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us rely on live shows and festivals to make their living and when these get cancelled, they are getting hung out to dry since their contracts don't cover cancellation due to infectious disease. With SXSW, Ultra and other festivals getting cancelled I was wondering, what about the fans? How are they affected when the festival is cancelled? 

Turns out, the fine print in most of the ticket insurance policies is just like the musicians' contracts. They do not cover infectious disease as a reason for cancelling. So get this. The festivals who sold all the tickets are currently keeping all the submission fees from the musicians who want to play and all the ticket sales from all the fans who wanted to go the festival with no guarantee that the show will be re-scheduled. We are all just out of luck until they grow a heart and do the right thing.

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